A not for profit Member Owned Utility



All members are invited to attend our annual meeting on Wednesday, April 21 in the Manvel Community Center at 7:00pm. Agassiz Water is asking our members to help implement safety precautions to try to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. If you are unable to attend it is important that you return the enclosed proxy by mail before the date of the meeting. Special prizes will be drawn from the proxies that are returned.

2020 was another busy year here at AWUD, with help from the North Dakota State Water Commission we have completed the interconnect project between East Central Regional Water and AWUD. This connection has allowed AWUD to provide every member of the system with 5-7 grains hard water from a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. It is our recommendation that if you have a water softener you bypass the water softener completely with the valve on the back.

Along with completing the interconnect we were able to hook up 14 new users to the system and have applied for a grant to hook up as many as 50 more next biennium. (2021-2023) If you or someone you know may be interested in getting connected to the water system, please contact the office if you have not already.

NEW IN 2021!!

Credit/Debit Card: We offer Credit or Debit Card payments by logging onto our website (awud.org). Credit Card processing fee is 3.95% or a minimum of $2.00.

ACH Payments: We offer automatic ACH payments from your checking or savings account.  These payments will be scheduled to come out of your account on the 10th of each month.  To sign up for this service you can log into our website (awud.org) or call the office. There is no charge for this form of payment.

Membership Fees: The membership fee for a standard residential service is $1,000.00. Larger services will be priced accordingly.

Consumer Confidence Report: The 2020 Consumer Confidence Report will be available on our Web Site (www.awud.org). We ask that you take the time to look over this report. It details the chemical content and other pertinent information concerning your drinking Water. If you are unable to visit our web site, you can get a copy at our office or one can be mailed to you upon request.

Billing Due Date: All water bills shall be delinquent 30 days after the 10th day of the month. All bills not paid within 30 days of the 10th are subject to a ten percent (10%) penalty on the past due amount. When the 10th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, payment must be received in the office by no later than 9:00 AM on the first working day after the 10th.

Meter Estimation Fee: It is the member’s responsibility to read the meter and write the meter reading on the return stub of the billing card and return it with the payment. If no reading is submitted to the water office, a $10.00-meter estimation fee shall be charged to the member’s account.

Delinquent Accounts: Any account over ninety (90) days past due will be shut off.

Curb Stop Location: Your curb stop is a shut off valve located outside your home near the surface of the ground and is used to shut the water off in case the valve inside your home fails. Each customer should know where their curb stop is, and have it marked. You are responsible if the curb stop is hit or damaged. It is very important that you do not build anything over your curb stop like sidewalks, other buildings, etc. If you do not know the location of your curb stop the District will help locate it for you at no charge.

Water Leaks

A special thanks to members reporting water leaks and outages. Please continue to report these incidents as well as water standing or running water in unusual areas.

Conserving water is important to us all. Be sure to water your lawns and gardens late in the day or evenings to minimize evaporation. If you think you may be using too much water, please check the following items before giving us a call.

  1. Toilets are the Number 1 cause of excess water usage. Toilets can be using excess water without making any noticeable noises. Some tips for detecting a leak are excess sweating on the tank, check the float so that water is not running into the overflow and if you suspect a leak put food coloring in tank at night to see if it has leaked into the bowl by morning.
  2. Water Softeners can start to recycle more often than needed.
  3. Water lines going from your home to out buildings can develop leaks. Make sure you have a shut off valve on these lines so that you can check it to see if you have a leak.
  4. Water Meter – The easiest way to check to see if you have a leak is to look at the meter when nothing is running, if the meter is moving you are losing water somewhere.

Safety with Chemicals


We cannot emphasize too strongly the possible damage that exists when mixing farm chemicals with Agassiz Water. Anytime a garden hose is used to mix chemicals; you must have a backflow preventer on the yard hydrant or hose bib that the garden hose is connected to. This is for the safety of everyone on the water system. Even chemicals cans contaminate the soil, so please use extreme care, and dispose of these cans in the legally prescribed manner. DO NOT LEAVE THEM NEAR A RESERVOIR SITE.

We would like to remind everyone that safety with chemicals is not just a concern of farmers. Many of the products you use to fertilize your lawn or garden, to control weeds, and to eliminate pests contain the same chemicals that farmers use, even though they come in small containers. So please read the label, use rubber gloves and other safety precautions when working around them. Above all please store them safety out of reach of children.

Agassiz Water Users District wants to reassure our members that your water supply is safe and secure. We would also like our members to know that we will be checking meters and curbs top this summer.