Member Policies

  1. Membership Fee shall be $1,000
  2. All water shut offs should be done with at least two employees. Employees will not be going to the residence door to collect. The member must pay the bill, including service charges, in full at the office before service is restored.
  3. Remote meter charge to install, wire, and hook up shall be $125 including all parts and will be discouraged because of future maintenance.
  4. Water meters are not to be installed under mobile homes. Meters may be installed in modular homes with concrete crawl spaces as long as they are heated, readily accessible, and there is acceptable lighting and space to work on the water meter assembly. The meter assembly must be mounted off the floor.
  5. NSF Check Charges are $25.
  6. Cisterns, pressure pumps, and flow restrictors that were allowed in areas that are at capacity will be only accepted by management and board review on a case by case basis.
  7. Inactivated accounts will no longer be guaranteed a reconnect with paying the $150 reconnection fee. Rather, if the account is in an area where new members may be hooked up, and there are inactive accounts, those accounts may be physically disconnected unless they pay a minimum monthly billing to regain the status of active account. If they chose not to do so, their Membership may be sold and hooking back up at a later date would not be possible. Their original membership would be refunded.